Container and Trailer Solutions
X-Tracker asset tracking device is a ready-to-go, self-contained telemetry unit capable of delivering long-term service life through the use of an advanced low-power GPS engine coupled to a simplex satellite transmitter.

Remote Location Monitoring
Two services are available for you to monitor your assets. The first uses in-office software that can give you up-to-the-minute position reporting at the touch of a button. Integrated map technology allows you to visually track your asset on-screen as it travels to itís final destination. The second lets us do the work for you. When your asset moves from itís last location, our monitoring office detects that movement and notifies you of the change in location.

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TrembMobile GPS Located Asset Tracking

Satellite Tracking, 2-Way Communication, Electronic Driver Logs, J-1708 Engine & Driver Performance Monitoring

TrembMobile is a combination of in-truck, ruggedized hardware, and in office software which enables companies to take full advantage of the latest innovations in remote monitoring.

Satellite Tracking
TrembMobile enables dispatchers and fleet managers to electronically view the current locations of all vehicles in their fleet at the same time. Maximum speed programming and geo-fence setup are some of the available options.

2-Way Satellite Communication
TrembMobile enables instant communication between drivers and dispatch. Messages can be generated quickly and effortlessly in the vehicle using a keyboard or our "Pre-Programmed Message Creator".

Electronic Driver Logs
Driver log transactions are registered and transmitted immediately, allowing for up-to-the-minute reporting to be viewed in the vehicle and office simultaneously.

J-1708 Engine & Driver Performance Monitoring
Virtually every aspect of the vehicles performance can be monitored remotely. By communicating directly with the vehicles factory on-board computer system, you can monitor any of a long list of performance statistics such as speed, engine RPM, engine load, fuel usage, idle time and many many more.

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